Our basic informatory introduction includes that, country wise we stand as  one of the biggest and named organization in the arena of Blinds of variations of nature. The associated valid aspect with it is the precisions of different spheres.

We deal mainly with the Vertical blinds. But due to progress of time, we now stand in a platform of dealing with Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, Vaux Wood Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Scenery Blinds including all the component parts and faultless installation.

The supply and installation of our product covers mamy different organizations including Govt/Semi-Govt/Non-Govt, Autonomous bodies, Hospitals, Educational institutions including Universities and Banks of the highest Govt status.


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About Us

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Started back in the year 1991, as a special venture in this line in our country, we had been unique in this field. Starting the go and by adventuring step by step we have come to the Niveou and have a statical status to proclaim as  one of the biggest and named organization of this nature, dealing in this product., including the faultless installation. We had been supplying to many different organizations including Govt/Semi Govt/ Non Govt/ Autonomous bodies/ Hospitals/Educational institutions including Universities and Banks of the highest Govt status.Our main dealing item is Vertical blinds. But during the passage of time, we now stand in a platform of dealing with Vertical blinds, roller blinds, Vaux wood blinds, Venetian blinds and with many of its kinds including the supply of all the component parts and faultless installation of all of the mentioned types. Until today, specially in our country, Vertical Blinds were simple in nature so far as its Texture and Printing is concerned. But one of the most attractive and decorative Printed/Scenery Vertical Blinds, was not available in our country. For this progressive venture, we are proud to be the first in Bangladesh.As to the texture of our fabric since it is imported mainly from China, Korea and Australia it is one of the superfine in nature. It is unique in its Knitting, Washable and the durability is admirable.Having multi-natured and diversifiable colors we are in a position to make the interior decoration eye soothing, soft in nature, dazzling in performance and upto the utmost choice of our clients, since the satisfaction of our clients plays a prominent role in our consideration.

Our Service

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We render diversified services so far as the supply and installation of blinds. As cited previously, we deal with most of the Blinds, those are in vogue in our present modern society. Prominently naming, they include Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds and Vaux Wood Blind and some of its related types. It also includes the supply of all the related components and faultless installation. Since satisfaction of our clients is our motto, so we try our best to make all possible efforts to endeavour most the maximum satisfaction of our clients.
Importing of the super best material from China, Korea and Australia and supplying to our clients does not end our function. As the utilization of it the best and major part. With this view, we maintain an experienced group of technical experts to assist for the falult free installation.
As to our technical aspect, we have a highly trained team in this line, expert  in taking exact measurements with high proficiency, to cover the gaps, windows and re-framing of all kinds.

The promptness, exactness and the attitude of giving preference to the choice and the idea of our client specially in the internal decoration and its alikeness is the pivot of our expertise and super efficient services of our organization, which gives us a separate entity among many other companies of this nature in our country.


Contact Us

Since we both have a strong desire of coming to each others utilization in the field of installation and supply, the key point is our whereabouts.To have an easy access to our whereabouts, we furnish you the following address of all kinds. They are namely :

Ornate Fashion Blind

ORNATE HOUSE, Plot # 1181, Nurer Chala Main Road,

East Baridhara, Badda, Dhaka-1212,BANGLADESH.

Phone : 9895932, 9895837, Fax: 088-02-9895724

Mobile : 01911387082

E-mail : ornate_reza@yahoo.com

Website : www.ornatebd.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/OrnateFashionBlind

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